stock20When you have braces, you may need to spend some extra time on your smile. It is important to remember to use caution while you wear orthodontics so that you can protect your big investment: your smile.

Some of the common problems with braces include broken brackets and wires, sores or discomfort, and gum disease and decay. You can learn more about these normal problems and their solutions by reading on below.

Broken Brackets and Wires

We provide emergency orthodontic treatment for patients with broken brackets or wires. If you damage your braces, give us a call at Sundance Orthodontics right away. Dr. Endrizzi would like to see you promptly to address the problem and restore your appliance.

Sores and Discomfort

If a bracket or wire is irritating the inside of your mouth, you can smooth out the area and reduce the sore with orthodontic wax. Dr. Endrizzi will provide you with plenty of wax that you can easily place over your wires and brackets at any time. You can also ask your Sundance team to investigate and adjust your braces whenever you need.

Swollen Gums or Tooth Decay

Patients who do not meticulously care for their teeth with braces have a higher chance for tooth decay or gum disease. Flossing and brushing can be slightly trickier with braces, but both habits are crucial to your health. If your teeth and orthodontics are left uncared for, you may experience:

  • Red and swollen gums
  • Dental cavities
  • Heightened tooth sensitivity
  • White spots or scars on the teeth

You can prevent all of these problems before, during, and after braces with consistent oral care. Brush three times daily, floss every day, and avoid food and drink with high sugar content.

Whatever braces problem you experience, you can trust the Sundance Orthodontic team to get you through it. We are always available to offer advice or urgent care so that you can get the most from your braces experience. Contact our office today!

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