About Us

stock-9We know that your experience in your dental office is just as important as your results. At Sundance Orthodontics, we offer a comfortable, warm, and fun atmosphere that will improve your perception of orthodontics and make your visits thoroughly enjoyable.

A Day at the Spa

Imagine a dental experience that is soothing and comfortable. That is the type of experience you should expect at Sundance Orthodontics! We do everything we can to make our patients feel content and peaceful rather than anxious or nervous about their procedures.

Our clean and spa-like office will help you ease into a satisfying orthodontic experience. Dr. Endrizzi and his staff have made it their goal to take care of their patients both physically and mentally. Our tranquil environment and our luxurious patient amenities will help you feel like you are having a day at the spa each time you come to see us.

Enjoy Fun and Entertainment

You can relax during your dental appointment, and you can plan on having some fun, too! Our dental staff is warm and caring. They will greet you like an old friend at every appointment, and they will ask questions to ensure all of your needs are being met. Our doctor and team members love to learn more about their patients and form relationships that last for life!

Of course, we provide plenty of patient entertainment and amenities to keep you occupied. Whether you want music or movies, we can keep you entertained and stress-free throughout your appointment.

Sit Back and Relax

Each time you visit us, you can rest assured that you are being treated with the safest and gentlest treatment methods. You can sit back and relax, free from concern, because Dr. Endrizzi and his staff are well-qualified, intelligent, and passionate about orthodontics. You will definitely see the results you are hoping for with minimal pain or healing time.

Sundance Orthodontics is a place to form friendships, quiet your mind, and achieve stunning smile results! We hope you’ll enjoy the Sundance experience. Give us a call today to schedule your first appointment.