Orthodontic Treatments

Happy girl with bracesOur two phase treatment was created to maximize the opportunity to achieve a smile that is ideally healthy and ultimately beautiful. Your jaw, teeth, and gums change throughout your youth and adulthood, so orthodontic treatment with 2 stages just makes sense. Phase I treatment emphasizes setting up a child’s smile for quick and comfortable success, and Phase II treatment finalizes the important changes to create a perfect adult smile.

Phase I Treatment

Phase I, or early orthodontic treatment, might involve an expander, retainer, or partial braces. Phase I is completed when a child is between the ages of 6 and 10, before all of the permanent teeth have come through the gums.

Some patients can forego Phase I treatment, but others need to take early preventative measures against misalignment, decay, and bite problems. Phase I treatment usually requires 9-18 months, and then the patient will wait for the remaining adult teeth to erupt before returning to the office for Phase II treatment.

You can learn more about Phase I orthodontic treatment on our early treatment page.

Phase II Treatment

The aim of Phase II treatment is to shift all of the permanent teeth into their ideal positions to promote optimal appearance, function, and health. Phase II treatment usually utilizes full braces, worn for about a year, and retainers that should be worn consistently after treatment is complete.

Benefits of 2 Phase Orthodontic Treatment

Smiling girl with straight teeth from bracesOur two phase orthodontic treatment can:

  • Encourage a healthy and TMD-free jaw
  • Create space for a full set of adult teeth
  • Decrease need for extraction of permanent teeth
  • Decrease chance of jaw surgery
  • Lower the risk of dental trauma to protruding front teeth
  • Correct damaging oral habits like thumb sucking
  • Improve appearance and self-confidence for life
  • Lower the risk of dental decay and gum disease
  • Improve position of previously and newly emerged teeth
  • Foster a comfortable and efficient teenage braces experience

Dr. Endrizzi is a conservative and experienced orthodontist who will only recommend 2 Phase orthodontic treatment when it is highly advantageous for the patient. Call us today to schedule your child’s consultation and exam with Dr. Endrizzi to guarantee the best smile possible!

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