Orthodontic Treatments

Girls with white striaght teeth smilingFor optimal orthodontic care, your child should see an orthodontist no later than age 7. Getting an early start on orthodontics results in treatments that are gentler and more effective for your child. Youth orthodontics can protect your child from low self-esteem, poor oral health, speech difficulties, and dental decay.

Orthodontic Treatment for Children

When you bring your child into see Dr. Endrizzi at age 7 or earlier, your child may not yet need orthodontic treatment. However, this first appointment will allow Dr. Endrizzi to get to know your child and learn more about his or her needs. He will be able to estimate the best age to begin orthodontic treatment for your child.

Youth orthodontic appointments are important to maximize proper growth and development and to help avoid serious oral health problems in the future.

Orthodontic Treatment for Teens

The teenage years are a prime time for orthodontic treatment. Once your child has lost all of their baby teeth, they are ready to ensure a natural bite and a beautiful smile. Orthodontics will safeguard your teenager from:

  • Crowded teeth which are difficult to brush and floss
  • Tooth decay and gum disease
  • Protruding and chipping teeth
  • TMD symptoms like headaches, migraines, and facial pains
  • Speech impediments
  • Low self-esteem

At Sundance Orthodontics, we are dedicated to giving your child or teenager an orthodontic experience they can be proud to experience. They can feel confident about their appearance both during and after treatment, and they can enjoy maximum oral health and function for a lifetime after orthodontics.

Your child or teenager is growing and developing rapidly. They are changing every second, and it is important to take preventative measures now while we still can. Early intervention will prevent future discomfort or intensive dental work.

Call us today to schedule an appointment for your child or teenager at Sundance Orthodontics. We will make your child feel right at home while we provide them with unparalleled services and compassionate care.

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